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Aspiring designer competition in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We aim to support local and international designers beginning their journey by showcasing their designs to the experienced jury who are choosing best ones from over 20 designers taking part in the competition.

The Fashion Factor is not only limited to showcasing young designers, but to showcase super-brands to the audience to guide the newbies to a new level. Top tier designs are not taking part in competition, they only guide the young ones and give their feedback as jury members.

For aspiring designers this is a great chance to show their works to more than 700 invited guests, including royal families, VIP guests, wholesalers, buyers and investors, who come to enjoy both: shows of the super brands as well as to watch the competition itself.

The event is supported by the following media:
Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Dubai TV, Radio 1, Fashion TV, Dubai Global Connect, MBC, Wetel TV, Yalla Live TV, The Filipino Times, Studio52 TV.

As a part of event, there’s a TOP Model Competition from the models on the catwalk, since most of the Dubai top models will be on the catwalk, jury will choose one winner based on several criteria, such as professionalism, identity, charisma.

Event will take place at the Le Meridien Hotel.

The jury

The competition is supported by some of the very well known personas in fashion and cinema world, such as:
Hany El Behairy
Amato Couture
Sadek Majed
Ziad Nakad
Ezra Couture
Hans Fraikin
Sherif Thomas
Olga Fleming

Fashion Factor - 2 Edition
The biggest competition to be hosted on June 9th 2022

Fashion Hub registration is now open till July 20th 2022, the first hub for fashion designers in Middle East

Fashion Factor - 3 Edition
The biggest fashion competition to be hosted in September 2022

Fashion House series by MEA Fashion Corporation coming soon




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